L-shaped sofa VS Combination sofa(3+1)

L-shaped sofa VS Combination sofa(3+1)

Living room as the main space for home leisure, entertain relatives and friends, in the hearts of many homeowners, the practicality and comfort of furniture has a particularly strong response. Among them, especially the choice of sofa style and material, the life experience is completely different.So, how should we choose L-shaped sofa or combined sofa?

1. “L” sofa:

As the name suggests, the sofa as a whole is in the shape of “L”, and the whole is not divided, forming a corner shape, the corner is suitable for lying, you can lie comfortably on this, you can also sleep directly as a bed, comfort is not lost to the big bed.

2. “3+1” combined sofa:

That is, it is based on a figure-shaped sofa + a single sofa, which is more flexible and can be moved at will. Because the seat is relatively independent, and some also have backrest armrests, people can lie down and sit down, and they can stick to the sofa and adjust their posture at will.

In order to better distinguish between the two different functions and special points, the following will list a few key factors to distinguish:

1. Space utilization:

“L” type sofa generally occupies more fixed space, but can save more space; And “3+1” because of its flexibility, the occupation of the eastern line is larger, it is not recommended to arrange “3+1” in too small living room. Therefore, the space utilization rate of “3+1” will be lower than that of “L” type sofa.

2. Comfort:

This factor is different from person to person, because some people like the lazy feeling of “L” sofa lying, while some people like the feeling of encircling a single sofa. Therefore, the comfort of both has its own advantages, can be selected according to their own preferences.


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