How to prevent furniture damp mildew

How to prevent furniture damp mildew

Now is the rainy season, many areas are relatively humid, our garden furniture may have damp mildew phenomenon. If it is moldy, it will have a serious impact on the human body. So, how to prevent furniture mold this problem?

1. For iron furniture, mold spots should be repaired in time, remove the spots and spray paint, isolate the air, and prevent rust again.

2. For mildew of fabric furniture, the fabric furniture can be placed in the sun, and then brushed with a brush to remove mildew, and then added calcium chloride liquid cleaning.
3. If the wood furniture is moldy because of the humid environment, you can first use a clean soft cloth to dip a little furniture special cleaner to remove, and then put a layer of furniture essential oil on the moldy part. If there is still a musty smell, you can put soap on the musty place or hang a gauze bag with dried tea leaves to effectively remove the musty smell.

Ways to prevent furniture from being damp and mold

1. Physical mildew proof

Place dehumidifier, activated carbon, camphor wood strip, desiccant and other external mildew resistant objects to keep the cabinet dry to achieve the effect of preventing mold.

2. Maintain ventilation

Air flow is a cost-effective solution to environmental humidity, we need to try to keep the door and window ventilation environment dry and fresh, the wardrobe will not mold.

3. Apply varnish

If it is a woodworking closet, mildew will also occur, you can use a layer of varnish on the surface to reduce the possibility of mildew.

4. Stay away from water.

Wood furniture as far as possible away from the kitchen, bathroom and other more humid space, if it must be in the vicinity, try to do a good job of waterproof.


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