Plastic wood VS Aluminum

Plastic wood VS Aluminum
Which material should you choose for outdoor furniture

Plastic wood is a synthetic material that is lighter in weight than wood, easier to clean and maintain, and has properties such as corrosion resistance, water resistance and wear resistance. These characteristics make wood-plastic furniture a popular choice in the outdoor furniture market.


1. Durable: Plastic wood furniture is durable, even after a long time of sunshine, rain and wind, it will not warp, fade or rot.

2. Easy to clean: Compared with wood furniture, plastic wood furniture is easier to clean and maintain, and does not require frequent painting or coating.

3. Environmental protection: Compared with natural wood, plastic wood uses recycled materials and has less burden on the environment.


1. High cost: The price of plastic wood furniture is relatively high, subject to cost and other factors.

2. Slightly inferior texture: Compared with pure wood furniture, the texture of plastic wood furniture is slightly inferior.

3. Poor wind resistance: it may be blown down in strong winds.

Aluminum alloy is a strong and durable material, and outdoor furniture made of aluminum alloy has superior strength and anti-rust properties. Because of these characteristics, aluminum furniture has become a representative of many outdoor furniture fashion and quality.


1. Lightweight and portable: Aluminum furniture is relatively light, easy to move and adjust the position outdoors, and takes up less space during transportation and storage.

2. Durable: Aluminum furniture is durable and can stand the test of time even in harsh climatic conditions.

3. Non-perishable: Compared with wood furniture, aluminum furniture will not rot, rust or warp.


1. It is easy to scratch by sharp instruments: the surface texture of aluminum alloy is soft and easy to be scratched by blunt objects.

2. Easy to deformation: In some extreme climatic conditions, aluminum alloy furniture is susceptible to deformation.

3. Strong thermal conductivity: in the outdoor sun, the surface of aluminum alloy furniture will be heated, which may be less comfortable when used in summer.

When choosing outdoor furniture, a variety of factors should be considered, including comfort, durability, aesthetic appearance and economic benefits. If you often need to move and adjust the position of the furniture, or want the surface of the furniture to be smooth and easy to clean, plastic wood furniture is a good choice. If you value the firmness and durability of the furniture, you can choose aluminum alloy furniture.


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