The introduction of outdoor furniture product series

The introduction of outdoor furniture product series

Outdoor furniture refers to leisure furniture in open patio courtyard or semi-open sunroom, porch and other outdoor Spaces. With the improvement of people’s living standards, in order to facilitate people’s healthy, comfortable and efficient public outdoor activities, a series of outdoor furniture items are set relative to indoor furniture. It mainly covers urban public outdoor furniture, courtyard outdoor, leisure furniture, commercial places, outdoor furniture, portable outdoor furniture and other four categories of products.

At present, outdoor furniture products can be divided into roughly 5 categories according to different materials, which are outdoor rattan furniture, outdoor rope furniture, outdoor Teslin mesh furniture, outdoor wooden furniture, aluminum and metal.

Outdoor rattan furniture refers to the outdoor furniture based on pe imitation rattan weaving, which can be said to be the most widely used outdoor furniture, outdoor rattan furniture fashion, rich color, natural environmental protection…… Its unique shape and varied colors blend well with the courtyard garden. However, it should be noted that we need to pay attention to the selection of outdoor rattan furniture, as far as possible to choose the brand of outdoor furniture, so that its rattan material has better weather resistance, is not easy to crack, and is usually not used when it is put away as far as possible, which can greatly extend its service life.

Outdoor rope woven furniture is a new type of outdoor furniture materials in recent years, refers to outdoor nylon rope braided outdoor furniture, can be said to be the most popular outdoor furniture designers, outdoor rope woven furniture texture light, weaving process fashion, braided rope color is rich, also has natural environmental protection…… Outdoor rope furniture in many designer works to seek the combination and balance of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics to provide a fit. It has become a high-quality outdoor braided furniture for many villa hotels, homestay restaurants, etc.

Outdoor Teslin fabric furniture refers to outdoor Teslin fabric based outdoor furniture, outdoor Teslin fabric home with warm winter and cool summer feeling, its sitting feeling is very comfortable. Because of the use of outdoor Teslin material, with outdoor weather resistance, rain and sun protection, not easy to deformation, suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Outdoor wooden furniture, aluminum and metal refers to wood and aluminum alloy combination furniture, usually mainly teak material, aluminum alloy material as a supplement. Outdoor teak furniture because of the special material and superior characteristics, so generally do not need special daily care, long-term exposure to the teak surface white, only need a little sandpaper after polishing with teak oil, usually with water soaked rag to clean up.

Outdoor furniture to outdoor leisure life with a new definition, not easy to fade, rain waterproof, mildew moisture-proof, cold and freeze, and easy to clean without special maintenance, brand outdoor furniture to bring you a better life, so that you can enjoy the outdoor relaxed and casual happy time with family and friends.


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