The application of new materials will profoundly change the furniture industry

The application of new materials will profoundly change the furniture industry

Throughout the development of the furniture industry, every great leap forward in the furniture industry is inseparable from the use of new materials and process technology. In the long thousands of years, wood, bamboo and other easily processed plant materials have become the main materials for making furniture, nearly a thousand years of traditional furniture is mostly wooden furniture; In modern times, steel and alloy materials began to enter the furniture industry, steel and wood furniture began to appear, the function, shape and appearance of furniture have changed a lot; Then, the extensive use of polymer materials represented by PE, PVC and ABS has promoted the rapid iteration of the furniture industry, bringing profound changes on all sides.

The first is the emergence of new hybrid materials. Polymer materials can be used alone in furniture, and can also be polymerized with other powdered objects to form new materials, such as wood powder, rice husk, straw, the birth of wood-plastic materials; Combined with stone powder, the birth of stone plastic materials: combined with fly ash, the birth of carbon gold materials and so on. These diverse new materials have a wide variety of different physical properties and play an important role in furniture manufacturing, especially in the manufacture of special furniture used in special environments.

The second is that furniture materials change from consuming natural resources to being green and absorbable. Many new materials involving polymer materials have recyclable properties. Once the furniture is no longer used, it can be broken into powder and re-pressed into plates to make new furniture.

The third is to solve the formaldehyde problem that has plagued the furniture industry for a hundred years, making it possible to have a healthy zero formaldehyde. Furniture from solid wood furniture transition to modern furniture based on density board, density board is made of resin adhesive wood chip, resin adhesive inevitably contains formaldehyde, these formaldehyde through the density board made of furniture and decoration materials distributed in residents’ homes, bring great threat to human health, become a modern furniture industry lingering nightmare. And through the polymer material combined with wood chips and other powder made of new plates, because the polymer material does not contain formaldehyde, so these new material plates and furniture made of almost no formaldehyde release, to ensure people’s health.
The fourth is to change the criteria for judging the merits of furniture from material value to use value. In the era of wooden materials unified furniture industry, the function of furniture is the same, then the standard to judge the merits of furniture in addition to workmanship, is the degree of valuable wood materials, rosewood, yellow pear, rosewood, beech and other valuable wood made of furniture not only has practical functions, but also has been given the function of preserving value. With the entry of new materials into the field of furniture production, so that furniture has more shape, more functions, in the use of comfort has a significant difference, the main force of furniture consumption after 90 and 00 to buy furniture standards have changed from paying attention to expensive materials to comfort and aesthetic favor.

Furniture companies should pay new attention to the use of new materials in products, and shift the focus of research and development to creativity, shape, appearance, function and comfort of use, which will have greater space for development


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