5 kinds of “garden furniture” :Design to create
high-end outdoor garden living space

5 kinds of "garden furniture" :Design to create
high-end outdoor garden living space

When more and more people buy a house, the requirements for the house are getting higher and higher, for example, when many people buy a house, they want to choose a house with a yard, and then decorate it into a garden style, and then decorate the garden with some unique patio outdoor furniture, so that the environment becomes more comfortable and the scenery becomes more elegant.

1. Outdoor sun umbrella

The biggest role of outdoor parasol is to shade the sun, rainy days do not go out, there are many types of umbrellas, can meet you in the courtyard sun activities, senior outdoor parasol is a Roman umbrella, the effect is better and more advanced.Sunshade is a necessary equipment for the garden garden, whether it is sunny or rainy, sunshade will give you a great help

2. Leisure pavilion, porch frame

Gazebo or porch frame is also a very good leisure place in the yard, fashionable gazebo will also add lights, gazebo gallery quality price is high and low, cheap hundreds of thousands of more than, high tens of thousands of different.This pavilion is really beautiful, very strong and durable, looking at the atmosphere, foreign atmosphere, grade, will not appear depressed, the space is also very large!

3. Casual tables and chairs

Garden leisure tables and chairs are divided into rattan, solid wood, metal tables and chairs according to the material, which to use to see your courtyard style, but because of long-term placement in the outdoors, rattan or metal tables and chairs are more durable, solid wood is easy to crack deformation, but beautiful and natural, which according to the courtyard style and preferences to choose!

4. Casual sofa

The sofa is more spacious and comfortable than the chair, suitable for relaxing in the yard, the sofa not only has a single person, but also two people, three people and a set of, due to flexible changes, gradually popular in the design of the courtyard.Outdoor sofa, placed in the courtyard, sitting comfortably, every weekend can be comfortably in the balcony to rest, is a beautiful landscape.

5. Lounge chair

Similar to the function of a casual sofa, usually a lounge chair or rocking chair is placed beside the swimming pool to relax and feel the fragrance of nature and water, sunshine and flowers.


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