The basic principles of outdoor furniture design

The basic principles of outdoor furniture design

With the continuous improvement of material living standards, people’s spiritual requirements are also increasing, and they pay more attention to the free and humane modern life style. In recent years, outdoor leisure with nature, health and fashion as the main characteristics has become one of the important activities of people, people are tired of staying in a small space for a long time, and they are eager to decorate the existing living space to be more comfortable and warm, especially in the outdoor space to bask in the sun, chat and so on. Therefore, outdoor leisure furniture came into being.

1) Coordination

The coordination of outdoor leisure furniture design mainly includes two aspects, on the one hand refers to the coordination with the surrounding environment. With the rapid development of social economy, people’s concept of life has undergone great changes, the relationship between human and outdoor space has become more and more close, and the realization of harmonious coexistence between human and the environment has increasingly become the fundamental purpose and basic requirements of modern outdoor leisure furniture design. Therefore, modern outdoor leisure furniture must be integrated and coordinated with the outdoor space environment as the design principle, so as to maximize the designer’s true intention, but also to promote the perfect integration of the overall environment, atmosphere and artistic conception. On the other hand, it refers to the mutual coordination with aesthetic values. The variety of modern outdoor leisure furniture materials, color, texture and shape are also different, so the aesthetic value and orientation are also very different. Only by adhering to the coordination of the values of the audience can the designer promote the design of the product to better meet the market demand.

2) Comfort

One of the basic functions of outdoor leisure furniture is to make people’s body and mind effectively relax, no matter how classic the shape of outdoor leisure furniture, how fine the production, but if it is not conducive to the physical and mental rest of the audience, it has no practical significance and value. For example, the design of outdoor leisure seats, its seat depth, seat width and seat height should match the actual requirements of the audience, the seat surface should not be too low or too high, because too low will make the calf part excessive bending, too high will make the legs in the state of hanging, both design effects will seriously affect the actual use of the audience, can not play the comfort function. In addition, the structural Angle design and production of the seat back and seat surface should also be consistent with the basic principles of human ergonomics, neither too forward nor too backward, which will cause the abdominal muscles to be too tense or the spine to rely on the phenomenon, lack of comfort and so on.

3) Lightness

The lightness of modern outdoor leisure furniture mainly refers to the ease of carrying. Most outdoor leisure furniture, especially tourism outdoor leisure furniture, because of the user’s tourism function needs, so that these furniture usually has a series of functions such as shrinkage, folding or easy to display, such as tents, inflatable beds, sleeping bags and folding tables, chairs and other furniture. Of course, the lightness of outdoor leisure furniture must be achieved through a specific structure and material, such as outdoor leisure furniture is often designed with special materials such as Texlin cloth, rattan, aluminum tube, in order to reduce the weight of the furniture, and has inflatable or folding functions, which are modern outdoor furniture design must be considered.

4) Durability

The durability of modern outdoor furniture design mainly refers to the resistance to various destructive factors such as water, oil, light, and wine in a variety of natural environments such as high and low temperatures, humidity, and sunlight. Different styles of modern outdoor leisure furniture, the materials and treatment methods used are different, and the durability is also different. For example, compared with teak, the durability of preservative wood is slightly better, and the advantages and disadvantages of metal materials and treatment methods have a significant impact on the durability of outdoor leisure furniture. Therefore, designers and users should choose the corresponding materials and processing technology according to different environments and use sites.


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