Application of modern outdoor furniture design elements

Application of modern outdoor furniture design elements

(1) Color

Color is one of the most direct design elements in all works of art, which can have a strong impact on the audience’s vision. At the same time, the color language also has a strong artistic appeal and attraction, so it also has a good effect on the construction and rendering of the atmosphere. Through the scientific and reasonable application of color elements, modern outdoor furniture design not only has the function of beautifying outdoor furniture, but also can make the audience have more comfortable visual feelings and psychological feelings, so as to give play to the maximum value and significance of outdoor leisure furniture. In the process of color design, modern outdoor leisure furniture should also be closely combined with the symbolic meaning of the color itself, such as red with passion and warm symbolic meaning, blue with calm and hesitant symbol of justice, yellow with optimistic and positive symbolic meaning, and so on. Through the effective combination of color visual function and symbolic meaning, to achieve the most scientific and rational color design of outdoor leisure furniture, usually outdoor leisure furniture color choice is based on light elegant tone, mainly because the visual stimulation of this tone is weak, not easy to produce visual fatigue and psychological fatigue, and easier to create a comfortable and romantic physical and mental feelings.

(2) Materials

The material basis of modern outdoor leisure furniture design is material. Because of the different texture and texture of different materials, it will also cause different psychological and physiological feelings. In the design process of outdoor leisure furniture, in order to produce different kinds of texture effects, the corresponding processing technology can be adopted according to the overall needs of the design, combined with the different texture and characteristics of different materials, so as to achieve the presentation of the expected material texture, enrich the modeling design of outdoor furniture, and play the decorative value of the material itself. Fully excavate and exert the texture beauty, artistic beauty and material of natural materials. In addition, due to the particularity of the environment used by outdoor leisure furniture, the selection of materials is also relatively special, and it is often necessary to consider the drastic changes in temperature difference, ultraviolet light, humidity, climate, weak alkali, weak acid and other environments on the natural erosion of furniture. Therefore, the selection and design of outdoor leisure furniture in terms of materials must consider its resistance to the destruction of natural conditions, that is, the materials used are often treated with special processes such as sun protection and moisture.

(3) Modeling

In order to break through the boundary between indoor furniture and outdoor leisure furniture, most modern outdoor furniture designers need to pay more attention to the design of the shape, so as to make the shape design of the home and the natural physiology of the human body, the material’s own properties, etc., more gentle, and promote the overall shape of the product more rhythmical and money sense. At the same time, under the premise of adhering to the standardized parameters of modeling design, modern outdoor leisure furniture design should also promote the innovation of the size and performance of furniture, so as to achieve the combination of ergonomics and design aesthetics. In addition, in order to maximize the audience’s sense of leisure and relaxation in the use of outdoor leisure furniture, the design of the shape should also be based on plants and flowers, arc, streamline and other shapes, in order to create a more cordial, natural and comfortable atmosphere, and promote the perfect combination of people’s body and heart.

In the new era of increasingly emphasizing the personalized design of furniture, the lack of characteristic furniture design is difficult to adapt to the needs of consumers and market competition, and the segmented market has become an inevitable development trend. Due to the diversity and difference of consumers in life experience, cultural accomplishment, aesthetic tendency, occupational habits, etc., different consumers have different requirements for outdoor leisure furniture. Therefore, modern outdoor leisure furniture must adhere to multi-angle thinking, according to different market requirements and consumer objects, design a variety of products, so that different consumer groups can pick out their favorite product types. Furniture design in the new era attaches great importance to personalized performance, to maximize the different needs of different consumers and aesthetic interests. Therefore, modern outdoor leisure furniture design must pay attention to cultural characteristics and personality style, achieve the two-way improvement of product external design and internal cultural implication, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of modern outdoor leisure furniture design.


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