Outdoor furniture design and trends

Outdoor furniture design and trends

Outdoor furniture is an important branch of this broad category of furniture, it is the development of human society to a certain stage, with the improvement of people’s requirements for life and the development of a class of furniture products, is the embodiment of people’s pursuit of life dreams. It is precisely because of its particularity that it is quite different from general furniture in terms of consumer consumption concept and purchase demand. 

The main driving force of traditional furniture consumption is the function and use needs, although under the influence of today’s social trends, this driving force has been weakened to a certain extent, and now people will put forward additional beautiful trends such as general furniture, but the main factor of its design must still be in the development of the use of functions. But outdoor furniture is different from this, people pay more attention to the design trend of thought displayed in its design, and its trend factors will outweigh the functional needs. 

The emergence of this phenomenon is precisely due to the particularity of outdoor furniture driven by social development, and people’s demand for it is the pursuit of life. When buying outdoor furniture, the main screening factor is no longer the function of shading or sitting, etc., and people are more inclined to choose outdoor furniture that can show their inner yearning will. This kind of consumer psychology is exactly what design producers should pay attention to and grasp. Therefore, furniture fairs such as the Milan Furniture Design Fair attract so much attention every year, because they are the representative of the trend of the wind, but also represent people’s inner yearning.


In the collision of outdoor furniture and the trend, there is another phenomenon that is worthy of designers’ attention, both in the design of outdoor furniture, the application of well-known brand plaid pattern, logo pattern to design outdoor furniture has become a hot product phenomenon. This design has broken the previous design concept and introduced the new design trend into the field of outdoor furniture design, and its design concept has been well received, while the product has also attracted considerable consumer attention. The reason is that when people’s living standards develop to a certain height, people’s needs will tend to be consistent, which is why luxury brands do not need to design different areas separately, because they are the trend leader, they only need to design products, naturally will become the world trend. This time, the application of well-known brand patterns and logos in outdoor furniture not only controls the trend, but also proves the indispensable role of the trend in outdoor furniture design.


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