Classification and application of garden furniture

Classification and application of garden furniture

First, classification by material

Wood furniture: Wood furniture is the most common category of garden furniture, and its natural texture and warm colors make it a priority choice for many people. Common wood furniture materials include mahogany, teak, oak, etc., they have better durability and corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor environment. Wooden furniture styles are varied, you can choose according to personal preferences.

Metal furniture: Metal furniture has the characteristics of durability, common metal materials including iron, aluminum, stainless steel and so on. Metal furniture is usually treated with rust prevention and can adapt to various climatic conditions. The design of the metal furniture is simple and generous, suitable for the modern style of the garden. 

Plastic furniture: Plastic furniture is a lightweight, durable and easy to clean option. Plastic furniture comes in a variety of styles and can mimic the appearance of wood or metal, suitable for outdoor recreation. In addition, plastic furniture has a lower cost and is an affordable option.


2. Classification by function

Chair furniture: Chair furniture is the most basic category of garden furniture, including chairs, benches, recliners and so on. The design of seating furniture should pay attention to comfort and ergonomics to ensure the user’s rest experience in the garden.

Table furniture: Table furniture is used for outdoor dining, including tables, dining chairs, etc. The design of table furniture should pay attention to practicality and durability, but also take into account the special requirements of the outdoor environment, such as waterproof, sun protection and so on.

Sunshade furniture: Sunshade furniture is used to provide sunshade and rain protection functions, including parasols, sunshades, etc. The design of sunshade furniture should pay attention to stability and wind resistance to ensure safe use in outdoor environments.

Leisure furniture: Leisure furniture is used to provide leisure and entertainment functions, including recliners, hammocks, swings, etc. The design of leisure furniture should pay attention to comfort and safety to meet people’s needs for outdoor leisure.

3. Classification by style

European style: European style garden furniture focuses on exquisite carving and ornate decoration, and common features include curvy shapes and retro colors. European style garden furniture is suitable for use in the courtyard or garden, which can create a romantic atmosphere.

Modern style: Modern garden furniture focuses on simplicity, practicality and comfort, and common features include straight lines and simple colors. Modern garden furniture can be used on a balcony or terrace to create a simple and stylish atmosphere.

Chinese style: Chinese garden furniture focuses on natural and harmonious design, and common features include traditional wood construction and light colors. Chinese garden furniture is suitable for use in gardens or courtyards to create a peaceful atmosphere.


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