Rattan weaving in modern furniture

Rattan weaving in modern furniture

Rattan furniture is China’s traditional furniture, its raw materials and technology source has a long history.Rattan furniture has many kinds and different styles, as follows:

1、Rattan chair

Rattan chairs are the most common rattan furniture, with durable, environmentally friendly materials, suitable for a variety of decoration styles and other characteristics.

2、Rattan sofa

Rattan sofa delicate and beautiful, rattan sofa through the skilled hands of workers can weave different patterns and patterns, look delicate, like handicrafts.

3、Rattan lounger

Rattan lounger is durable, warm in winter and cool in summer, more seasonal performance than leather and cloth furniture, fully meet all your needs for furniture in the four seasons.

In recent years, rattan furniture has won people’s favor again with its unique shape and function, technology and materials, value and high degree of unity.Rattan furniture brings fresh, pure, quiet and elegant rural atmosphere to people’s life, which can relieve people’s life pressure to a certain extent, and make people return to nature, comfortable and comfortable life.


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