Patio outdoor furniture collocation skills

Patio outdoor furniture collocation skills

Outdoor furniture is the furniture used for outdoor public activities, which can not only play a decorative role, but also provide a comfortable leisure space. Imagine, when you drag your tired footsteps back home, just put a rattan sofa in the courtyard, and an outdoor sunshade umbrella, you take off your shoes and gently lie on the rattan sofa that is “sheltered” by the outdoor sunshade umbrella. Is it pleasant to enjoy the gentle breeze blowing from the courtyard and forget all the tiredness in an instant?

1. Outdoor sofa

The design of the outdoor sofa is strong and has diverse characteristics, and the color matching and style shaping greatly improve the texture of the courtyard landscape.

2, outdoor dining chair

Outdoor dining chair can be said to be the most frequently used outdoor furniture. Friends and family visit, barbecue, dinner, flower arrangement and other activities can be carried out here, so be sure to choose their own favorite and comfortable products.

3. Outdoor sunshade

These two soft decoration products are more convenient to use, generally arranged in the leisure area or dining area, and can be moved with the location of garden furniture.

4. Lounger

Outdoor placement of several reclining chairs can increase the functional space of the courtyard. In the afternoon, soak up the sun on the lounge chair, a cup of coffee, a book, and relax in the garden.

5. Hanging chair

The hanging chair is a very casual fun furniture, but also a common element of the garden, very popular with children, if there are children in the home, the hanging chair is the only choice.


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