Rattan outdoor furniture: High quality to enjoy the sunshine

Rattan outdoor furniture: High quality to enjoy the sunshine

PE  rattan: The beauty of weaving can be reached, the rattan outdoor furniture made of high-quality PE imitation rattan materials almost restores the texture and beauty of natural vines, delicate texture and soft touch, so that your outdoor space is full of natural warm atmosphere. Not only that, PE rattan also has wear-resistant, anti-UV, anti-aging and other characteristics to ensure that rattan outdoor furniture is durable and beautiful as new.

Rain protection and sun protection: stable with you through the four seasons, an important function of rattan outdoor furniture is to resist the test of the natural environment. Our rattan outdoor furniture is designed to protect against rain and sun, so that it can withstand the baptism of all seasons. Whether it is hot summer sun or wet rainy season, rattan outdoor furniture can resist the invasion of harsh environments. Moreover, it will not fade quickly because of prolonged exposure to the sun, which can keep the bright color of rattan outdoor furniture for several years.

Aluminum  frame: stable light bearing, rattan outdoor furniture stability and bearing capacity is an important guarantee of its service life. The selection of aluminum alloy as the frame material of rattan outdoor furniture is not only strong and durable, but also relatively light. Aluminum alloy has excellent strength and corrosion resistance, which can effectively resist the erosion of rattan outdoor furniture in a humid environment. As a result, our rattan outdoor furniture is stable in outdoor courtyards, terraces or gardens, so that you can enjoy the outdoors without worries.

Lightweight and durable: Beautiful and practical, rattan outdoor furniture is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also has excellent portability. Its overall structure has been professionally designed, lightweight and flexible, convenient relocation and storage. At the same time, durable materials and exquisite weaving technology ensure the service life of rattan outdoor furniture, you can rest assured to enjoy leisure time in the outdoors, without worrying about the damage or wear of rattan outdoor furniture.


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