Rattan Vs Wicker: What’s the difference?

Rattan Vs Wicker: What's the difference?

Weaving craft is a kind of folk culture art in China, among which the common craft types are Rattan and Wicker and so on. So what’s the difference between them?


what’s the difference between rattan and wicker.

1.Different concept

Rattan is a natural material for making household items and furniture. But in reality, wicker is a way to weave, or a way to make household items out of pliable plants.

2.Different craft

Rattan generally including caning rattan, picking rattan, washing rattan, sunning rattan, pull rattan, cut rattan, bleaching, dyeing, weaving, painting and other processes more than a dozen. Rattan is mainly made of rattan branches, rattan cores or bamboo as the skeleton, and then woven with rattan skin or tender rattan cores, giving full play to the characteristics of soft rattan and not easy to break.

The main techniques of wicker knitting are flat knitting, pattern knitting, rope knitting, bond knitting and edging.Wicker soft and easy to bend, thickness symmetry, elegant color, through the novel design, can be woven into a variety of simple and natural, beautiful shape, lightweight and durable practical crafts.Wicker products are widely spread handicrafts in our country.

3. Cultural history

Rattan technology has a long history, and wicker did not gradually rise until a few decades after the 20th century.

What are the classification of weaving process?

1. Classification by weaving data

It can be divided into natural data and artificial data. Natural materials include grass, palm, hemp, rattan, bamboo and other natural plants; Artificial materials include PVC, PE and other natural materials.

2. Classification by weaving method

It can be divided into plane weave, sparse weave and dense weave, coarse weave and fine weave.

3. Classification by woven texture

Can be divided into cross-grain,  rhombus pattern, quadrangle hole pattern, checkered pattern.

4. Classification by weaving process

It can be divided into straw, bamboo, wicker, rattan, sunflower and palm.


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