Why is outdoor furniture becoming more popular?

Why is outdoor furniture becoming more popular?

With the continuous advancement of urbanization, more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of courtyard life. As part of the living space, the courtyard can not only provide beautiful natural scenery, but also become a place for family and social activities.

Therefore, the development of garden furniture has gradually attracted people’s attention. This article will analyze the development trend of domestic garden furniture from three aspects: material, design and consumer market.

Third, the diversification of consumer markets

With the improvement of residents’ income level, the consumer market of courtyard furniture has become more and more diversified. In addition to traditional indoor and outdoor furniture stores, new channels such as e-commerce platforms and social media have also begun to emerge, through which consumers can obtain more product information and purchase methods.


In addition, many consumers have also begun to pay attention to customized services, according to their own needs and space requirements, choose a professional custom furniture company to create unique garden furniture to meet individual needs.

First, the diversity of materials

The materials of garden furniture include wood materials, metal materials, plastic materials and so on. Among them, wood material is the traditional choice, because of its natural texture and color beauty, is loved by many people.

In the current domestic market, commonly used wood materials include fir, teak, oak and so on. However, due to the rise of environmental awareness, more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to the environmental protection of materials.Therefore, new environmental protection materials such as plastic wood, Teslin cloth, PE rattan, hemp rope, etc., have gradually received consumer attention.

Second, the comfort of design

The design of patio furniture needs to consider both aesthetics and comfort. With the improvement of living standards, people’s comfort requirements for furniture are getting higher and higher.So, the design of garden furniture not only needs to take into account the appearance and shape, but also pay attention to ergonomic design, increase the support point of the human body, and avoid the discomfort of sitting and lying for a long time.





In summary, the development trend of domestic garden furniture is diversification, environmental protection, comfort and personalization. As consumers pursue higher and higher quality of life, the development space of garden furniture is also more and more broad.




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